Things You Never Wanted To Know: Q+A with Kelly and Brian

Q: How do you choose products?

A: Kelly: For years while working corporate jobs I had to remove my own taste and shop for that particular customer. Now I choose by seeing what looks unique, special, collected, traveled, and has a story. This has been a very liberating experience. You can see both our personal styles in every piece.

A: Brian: First and foremost, products need to captivate you, evoke a sense of uniqueness, and pass the quality test. Secondly, the products must harmonize and align with our vision. We value your time, which is why we focus intensely on curating an assortment that ensures you'll find exactly what you love. We've found the needle in the haystack – you're welcome! ;)

Q: What do you love most about home decor?

A: Kelly: I can be a homebody and I want to feel comfortable, happy and understood when I'm at home. Being in a space with items I love (all organized of course) makes me feel powerful and capable. If my home is beautiful and clean then I'm in control of my whole life, right?!? It makes sense in my head.

A: Brian: It makes your space unique and brings your personality to life. You should live among the things you love and bring you happiness. Style is deeply personal - do what you want!

Q: What is your personal home style?

A: Kelly: Cali clean with a hint of Southern refinement and unique travel treasures sprinkled throughout. I love cool tones and black + white and I'm picky about wood finishes. And of course my home is tidy and organized (my fitted sheets are folded the Martha way).

A: Brian: Eclectic with a nod to mid-century modern plus a dash of color in every room. I'm unapologetic for my style and unafraid of bold choices, just ask the leopard print chair in my living room.

Q: How did you decide on the chic assembly point of view?

A: Both: We started by blending our distinct home and personality styles, selecting items that feel great but also tell a story and ignite conversations with your guests - all while keeping a curated assortment that allows our customers to shop with ease. Also, we both love to laugh and "try" to make others laugh, so we always have something to make you smile whether it's our product or our witty copy...

Q: What inspires you?

A: Both: Inspiration can come from anywhere - fashion, nature, art, the hue of a cocktail, or a fabulous estate sale - it's never "just a blue sweater, it's cerulean" (IYKYK). We also read a LOT of magazines and closely follow design trends for things that make us say "ohhh." And while we won't name names, one of us is very active on Instagram.

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